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The Wind of Change

The 1960’s saw a new dawn in the Irish Shipping Industry. One by one the few remaining auxiliary schooners were replaced by more modern craft. The age of sail had finally come to an end and in some quarters it was felt that the whole approach to shipping needed to be overhauled. With this in mind Captains James Tyrrell, Michael Tyrrell and Victor Hall formed an umbrella company under which to operate their seven ships. The age of single ship companies was past. Working in cooperation with each other gave a strengthened position in the market place and reduced overheads and thus in 1966 Arklow Shipping Limited came into existence.

The original seven ships in the fleet were: Tyrronall 244grt, Murell 319grt, Marizell 418grt, Valzell 576grt, Kilbride 321grt, River Avoca 384grt and Avondale 303grt.

Over the next 50 plus years Arklow Shipping has bought, sold and built ships. Like all companies in the shipping business it hasn’t always been easy sailing but because of the steady expansion scheme the company has been able to meet market demand. The fleet currently stands at 59 ships.